Friday, September 28, 2007

A Report from Yangoon/Rangoon today shows less protesters and more violence reported - but little way to independently confirm what is happening in Rangoon/Yangoon.

The Military has reportedly been cracking down on satphones and cell phones with cameras of travelers.

In some casesasking travelrs to erase memory cards or sieing anything that can store an image or images of departing travelers.

But still in trickles the images are coming out. There is also a play internally it seems at last one or two reports of military units defecting in rural areas. The arrests and attacks on Pagoda's of monks are widespread.
[]... Protests on (27 September) Thursday - were smaller than those over previous days and there was a considerably lower presence of monks on the streets to lead the demonstrations. ...[]

There are some claiming that protesters in Yangon numbered up to 10,000 today, Thursday. But the checkpoints ands curfew rules have for now at least cut back on the ability of groups to form large marches. Also wholesale arrests are taking place of some groups of marchers.
'Thursday Flashpoints'
1. The Shwedagon Pagida
2. The Sule Pagoda
3. Main roads connecting two locations, where the military used tear gas and warning shots to disperse protesters.

[]... Mass arrest of protestors continues in all locations of Myanmar ...[]

Incidents Reported in Yangoon include that 'Shots' were fired into crowds unwilling to disperse and protesters have sustained injuries and possible fatalities. Some reports of injured protesters being given first aid at diplomats offices and agencies the unconfirmed reports say those injured left diplomatic protected areas. Also say that attempt by police to search diplomatic offices have intensified.

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