Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Interesting spoof of Michael Moores 9-11 great stuff really.
In a strange way it tells the way some of the spin minds work
in this strange world of some documentary work.

The other one I like in a way is a attack - deserved in my opinion on the spin
players who seem hell bent on twisting what happened on 911.
Done by Penn & Teller...

One can look at a number of the strange tales spun by some made to entertain others to dis-inform and more just out plain strange sick humor to do another take on what happened. There is a lot that needs to be looked into I admit that needs looking into as to who was where and did what with whom. But this will probably be a movie soon… conspiracy breeds distrust and more and more is coming out. The spin… has begun in earnest I wonder how much more we can expect before the next US election.

A well put together explantion by Popular Mechanics discusses this in detail:

[] …Today, nearly five years later, hundreds of books and thousands of Web pages are devoted to the idea that the U.S. government encouraged, permitted, or actually carried out the attacks. These theories claim to be based on hard evidence. Popular Mechanics began researching the facts behind 9/11 conspiracy theories in late 2004 and published a cover story on the topic in March 2005. (That story is available here.) …”[]

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