Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A interesting case to follow in Jersey...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Looking at the latest reports from the developments in the case as reported by Media in New Jersy; yesterday -

" Assistant U.S. Attorney Karl Bush, for the first time publicly named them and former Philippines President Estrada, Senator Panfilo Lacson, former House Speaker Arnulfo Fuentebella as alleged participants in the plot." a report in the New Yersy based Satr-Leger reported. " The names of the political officials emerged as the court-appointed attorney for Michael Ray Aquino, the only person indicted so far, sought a judge's permission to depose the three men in the Philippines." meaning the defense lawyer for the only person really left in the case -Michael Ray Aqunino - since Lean Aragoncillo "
Records in the case say he is negotiating a plea deal." in the report by John Martin of the Star-Ledger

I am expecting reaction from former President Estrada who if he is to be "subpoenaed" and deposed in a US "spy case" versus his alleged "Godson" FBI analyst, and EX-Al Gore, EX-Cheney, Ex-Condi aide Lean Arragoncillo and co-accused Michael Ray-Aquino;

Plans for defense seems to be have the hinge on they testifing in a recorded deposition.

Now all along - the Philippine opposition leaders claim in several interviews that the person appointed "their point man" in Washington was a President; But not a Philippine President but one who liked Cigars and Interns- Now the local opinion - and I admit this is not written in stone is - "The role served was as a back channel though the popular Marine guard- something that when Estrada and others in the opposition were ousted continued -" in an effort to keep ties with all key players on the ground" was reportedly the allegation made by some people here in Manila."

In the mind-set of people here - if this is to be believed is - "someone is being made to be scapegoats" they allege.... I think it might be interesting to watch this case more closely and see where it may lead and to whom.

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