Saturday, May 13, 2006

DRUDGE Report: Arnold says no to troops on border…

Matt Drudge is reporting - Arnold Schwarzenegger - who as a child in cold war post WW2 Austria knows more about troops on the border than half of congress - he like most children of the cold war europe.

They have seen from a generation before them; first hand what it means to have troops on a border and walls. It is so ironic that American Congressmen are planning to build a wall and put up troops.

For what? So some day Fidel or Chavez can stand on the other side in Tijauana and scream "MR. Bush- tear down that wall…" it will be more than just the image of troops that is bad it will be the thought that a land of Immigrants will be putting up walls and saying NBo more- we are closed- you are not wanted.

This issue is going to strain many ties and points of view- troops- on the border or minutemen oir even a wall are not the answers- real reform of immgration laws is what is needed. Arnold is right…

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out against putting National Guard troops on the border, as President Bush will suggest on Monday night in a nationally televised speech. Read more »

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