Sunday, August 06, 2006

Iraq: Civil War 7,000+ dead 60 days

Over100 people killed a day in assassinations, sectarian killings, and Bomb attacks the worst of it seen in the bombing of a football (9soccer) match. it is nightmare beyond explanation by many fueled by insurgents the radical escalation violence is now directed by Iraqi’s versus Iraiqi’s and groups like al qaeda and other terror cells as well as revenge units of death squads taking violence to higher levels means Iraq is strangely turning from worse to the worst possible outcome.

Many statements have been said constantly to downplay the situation - but one thing is clear the level of violence and numbers of attacks paint a picture that may lead to a break-up in some ways of Iraq.

[] ….” Top US generals see threat of Iraq civil war Reuters - John Abizaid, the head of US Central Command, told a Senate hearing. “If not stopped, it is possible that Iraq could move toward civil war.”. Marine Corps Gen.
US general warns of Iraq civil war
US commander warns of Iraq civil war Washington Post
US echoes Iraq civil war warning BBC News ” …[]
There is massive criticism from some sectors - a group posting videos calls for accountability for those who started the war in Iraq in the first place. Without seeing the bigger picture that there has been basically three wars there.

The Americans General is not alone in his view, the other major coalition partner the UK has reported the same level of fear of the current violce spreading.

Britain ‘to stay course’ in Iraq
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 1 hour ago
Britain will “stay the course” in Iraq, Tony Blair has pledged after a senior diplomat warned civil war was more likely there than a stable democracy.

British Diplomat Reportedly Concludes Iraq Is Close to Civil War
New York Times, United States - 1 hour ago
LONDON, Aug. 3 — A senior British diplomat in Baghdad, contradicting official policy in both London and Washington, has concluded

Leaked memo: Civil war most likely outcome in Iraq
Christian Science Monitor, MA - Outgoing British ambassador to Iraq also predicts the country will break up along sectarian lines. William Patey, the outgoing British

The first versus Saddam’s Iraq, which went rather quickly. The second versus insurgents, terrorists, and, Baathists holdouts. Now- it is one of Iraqi’s versus Iraqi - Sunni versus Shite versus Kurd versus anyone else. The video below fails to address that issue and focuses on domestic concerns.

The general feeling to most Americans is best summed up by an old Elvis song; well put together and image filled. I see a major problem ahead for many but worse the creation of major two or even three front conflict in the middle east that could spread if indeed disillusionment continues in the USA and elsewhere.

There is almost a denial and failure by many to properly explain all the phases of this conflict even the pre-invasion stage itself. Blame is poured one way or another but in reality there is little that can be done except hope some form of sanity returns to the region soon and people there realize they are creating a stage for major conflicts even far beyond the current areas of conflict.

But the entire situation goes far beyond the borders of Iraq now and with resounding echos of anger on too many sides one wonders where next reactions may spread.

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