Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's always nice to see how Filipino's be they OFW's, migrants and other groups, are making use of the Blogspace to show the ways they interact

- have fun and join together to network. Where-ever they may be in the world or here around metro manila- I'm staying off the Politcal sites and posts because those seem to pop up on the fast track of one every two seconds.

Here are some of the most Active ones out there.

Pinoy Gathering in Cambodia16 comments Toe wrote 1 day ago: What do Pinoys do when they gather together in Cambodia? Well, they eat pancit… chicken adobo… pork adobo… lumpia… and … more »

The question of migration 3 coffeewithamee wrote 2 days ago: Seems like migration is a hot topic for discussion here on my blog. After Marjorie’s comment, which I reposted as … more »

Condotel Investments in the Philippines lancastersuites wrote 4 days ago: Condotel Investments in the Philippines What are the benefits to owning a Condotel rather than other real estate investments? There … more »

Are Condotels What Real Estate Investors in the Philippines Looking For ? lancastersuites wrote 5 days ago: Are Condo Hotels What Potential Real Estate Investors in the Philippines Looking For ? During the latter part of last … more »

puertoprincesacity wrote 1 week ago: Videos Of Puerto Princesa and Palawan from our visitors who took the time to post them on Google & Myspace and share with the world Puerto Princesa’s Beauty! Underground River: Underwater in Northern Palawan: DZ … more »

More on these sites as well :

bright side!!
tpos friday palarong pinoy..[[palarong pinoy na alang kwents..]] eion.. nagpa-henna
ren aq..hehe.. s uhm. maaga aqng nagising kanina.. 5:30am plang gcng nq..
tpos cguro mga 8:00am aq nag-ol.. c kuya mark [[kuya joseph]] lang ka-chat q ...
~* FaLL-OuT-GurL *~ -

What's Your Fantasy? Pinoy ROCK! Edition, Part 2
by meimei
Hey, remember when I told you that I couldn't find a decent picture of the guys
from Sandwich? Well, looks like I actually got a paparazzi-worthy shot from Evie
and her Dad's trusty digital camera: From left: Myrene Academia (bass), ...
Domesticity -

Gianna Ginez - Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar
by pogi
Hindi si Nikki Gil yan! si Gianna yan! Suportan nyo guys! More info and pics soon!
Gianna Ginez -

16 Pinoy Dream Academy Scholars
by admin
First Pinoy Dream Academy Scholars “Ryan Jay Jimenez” “Josephine Constantino” “Gemma
Fitzgerald” “Yvan Lambatan” “Kristoffer Abrenica” “Fatima Irish Fullerton” “Michelle
Bond” “Jun Hirano” “Rosita Bareng” “Ronnie Liang” ...
Untitled -

Irish Fullerton Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar
by pogi
Suportahan natin si Irish! Maganda Na Sexy pa! more pics and info to come....
Irish Fullerton -

Josephine “Yeng” Constantino Pinoy Dream Academy Dreamer1 hour ago by pogi
Suportahan nyo si Yeng fans!!! More pics and info soon!
Josephine “Yeng” Constantino -

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