Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How to end the fighting in the ME? Cut israels US allowannce

A Expat in the Philippines sent me this letter in a email campagn he is starting to seek an end to the fghting in the Middle East by at least cutting back on Israels US defence subsidy:
I lend this space to his letter please print and pass on if you like: - MikeinManila

Below is a letter that I have sent to my senators and congressman. I have sent this along to other American friends so that they, too, can do something to help ease the plight of the Lebanese. Perhaps some publicity on your part might also help.
Thank you and I look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Over the weekend an ad hoc group of Jewish leaders in Los Angeles denounced Israel's collective punishment attacks on civilians in Lebanon and their infrastructure.

It is time for Congress to call for an end to these tactics, and to use whatever influence we have to pressure all parties to cease hostilities.
This last Thursday, July 13th, the diplomatically hostile John Bolton vetoed a U.N. security council resolution calling for ALL sides to exercise restraint. This was in response to Israel's "disproportionate" over-reaction in launching a massive new military assault on Lebanon because of the kidnaping of two soldiers. The resolution called not just for Israel to suspend its attacks, but for the other side to do the same and to release the soldiers. But even that was not reasonable enough for the rabid war-mongers who are driving current U.S. and Israeli policy.

The failure of the U.N. to act because of the Bush administration's anti-leadership has now precipitated even graver escalations of insanity as Israel attacks the
Beirut international airport, power stations and other civilian installations. This NOT self defense. This is the Bush Doctrine of gross violations of the Geneva Conventions. These are war crimes of aggression which no atrocity on the other side can justify. And they must stop.

We have no direct influence on Hamas or Hezbollah. But we are currently giving Israel
$2.5 billion dollars a year in foreign aid , most of it direct military assistance. It is time for us to stop being apologists for the inexcusable. It it time to demand Israel conduct itself as a civilized nation regardless of what terrorists on the other side do. Congress must lead where the president will not.

Thanks and regards,

(Name withheld per request)
Makati City, MM 1220

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