Saturday, June 03, 2006

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Now its being told….

This is one for the now it can be told department - Mon Tulfo's column revealed somethnig many in the media have long heard about and a lot of people in the Southern Philippines have 'seen' but not complained about.

I think it had to do with a popular food brand the guy liked thats how it was slipped in.

One of the commanders who was on the mision showed me a downlink video shows the bight emiter in the backpack of Sabaya.

The video one of four taken that night might not be released - in this decade… but If I remember the two camera angles clearly showed the firefight.

Col. Ariel Quiruben's SWAG team boat crashing into the vessel is seen… gunflashes - then - the backpack wearing man - hit several times- then sinking to the bottom of the sea. other small boats then seachlights lighting up the area - perhaps from the BRP Quezon that was the command ship- whose crew by the way- moslty comes from Palawan. ironic in a way…
I think its about time to 'leak' that video… for all we know its on Utube by now!!!

Funny thing was when the backpack was recovered - among the items found in it… acroding to the officer was eskinol and nail polish, makeup… and lipstick…. among other things - no I am placing any doubts on whose bag it was- I'm just remembering what I was told… then… and showed from a video that was played on a laptop.

[]…..A gadget was placed inside Abu Sabaya’s backpack which was picked up by US satellite and beamed to the Philippines. The guy who placed that gadget in Sabaya’s backpack had been amply rewarded.

And, this is a secret that the US and Philippine governments would never admit: some US Special Forces are taking part in hunting down the remaining Abu Sayyaf terrorists in Basilan and Sulu. …. []

*** Ramon Tulfo - Inquirer

Cash & Carry

The Strategy page reports on the Darul Islam caper in Sabah where Malaysian police say they have busted the major ring of those supporting links between JI and the ASG and other groups in Mindanao who are allegedly supported by international supporters of terrorism.

It does report - excerpt below that the use of 'couriers' to carry funds is increasing as more and more controls on funds transfers have been instituted.

[]… Intelligence agencies in the region are trying to trace new supplies of money local Islamic terrorists are getting. When the terrorists get more money, the chances of more terror attacks goes up. The cash is believed to be coming from Middle Eastern sources, but now couriers are often used to deliver it, and catching them is difficult. … []

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