Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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More trouble for the Marines, this time in the Philippines
KARE, MN - 2 hours ago
A Philippine woman who has accused four US Marines of rape was offered money to drop the charges, her stepsister testified Monday. ... []

Now here's a news director whgo deserves to be sacked- I mean this entire Saga in Manila has been going on for what now? Since November and they treat it as a new story? i mean who the heck owns this station? What kind of idiot is working your desk? Dont you read the wires?
It boils my blood to think the webmaster of this site doesn't even bother to check - what kind of misleading screwed up idiot runs - KARE - yuck- and I thought other media outlets were dense.
NOVEMBER of last year- God I hope some idiot from the desk of this station reads this- go back to school and learn to report ! News- meaning new?
I mean Ap, Reuter, and AFP wires have been doing daily updates on this story - the big four news networks as well...

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