Sunday, May 21, 2006

I was looking aroun for a story to write about and cme across a report on the ABC site about a upcoming show on Lionel Ritche... yes... That lionel Ritche- it seems there is one figure n Iraq who reguadless of the Political affiliation and ethnic and religous sect background for some reason the Iraqi population seems to be infatuated with. The Lionel Ritche visits often to troops and also the small events not quiter concerts really where in he sings are well liked.

A fellow journo told me the pheonomon is not new for decades CD's of Ritche and other 80's mellow stars have been a major seller in Iraq, Iran and Kuwait. Music stations in the city play hearty mix but US military radio for the most pat still dominates the airwaves.

Iraqi men and women love western ballads and love songs - says my former cameraman now working with a foreign company based in the region.

He says a running joke is perhaps one of the reasons the inurgents keep bombing Humvee's and based is all the Hip - Hop gansta rap blaring out of Baghdad radio stations. "Chill down music on might be a alternative" and " handing out Ipods or Mp3 players full of ballads might mellow out many parts of the city." is his two cents worth of advice.

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