Friday, May 05, 2006

Guam hit the jackpot.. but who got the contracts?

Got this from someone on Guam - it is US territory- about an 3 hours or so away from Manila.

They are getting a windfall of development and construction funds from Japan to build-up the US island for the transfer of forces from Okinawa.

However the first trunch of funds getting ready for release have a few people buzzing...
Questions have come up on Guam on one item -

spending almost a million dollars per home repairs for base housing at Anderson AFB.

" $209 million worth of construction projects include the construction of a $53 million Global Hawk aircraft maintenance and operations complex, and a $16 million large vehicle inspection center/access road. $12.5 million will be used for Phase I of an upgrade of infrastructure at Northwest Field, with $30 million will be used for Alpha and Bravo wharves improvements,

while" '$48 million will be used to replace 68 housing units. An additional $50 million will be used for another family housing project'."

Thats 98 Million dollars... on an island which has an oversupply of apartment housing; It is the USA, this is not some point in the middle east....

Also experts in the construction game on Guam are asking why almost fifty million dollars for 68 homes? Construction of housing on Guam is cheap since most of the construction is slab - poured concrete - cheaper than wood, fiber board, and, timber.

Most of the items they understand but-
48Million dollars to replace 68 on-base homes?

thats almost a Million dollars a house for home repair?

Construction labor on Guam is cheap - cheaper still since most of the labor is done by imported workers from Asia.

Why so expensive.... A total of 10 Billion dollars is going to be spent upgrading Guam's facilities for the transfer of US forces to the island. most of the money coming from Japan... 6 Billion dollars. So who is getting the construction contracts? I sure hope its going to local Guam contractors who have been hard hit since 9-11 and a major slump in the tourism trade since then - But rumor has it the same Contractors who overpriced Gas supply in Iraq; may be getting a windfall in Guam projects. As the local chamoro's say... LA%&$^&*

And you thought this only happened here in the Philippines... nope...

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