Thursday, May 25, 2006

Batul Case

I compressed my posts on this intoi one page and updated:

Cop in custody alleged gunmen in Batul killing: Reports

PNP names cop tagged in Palawan journalist's slay
[]… The Philippine National Police named Thursday the officer who was arrested for allegedly killing Palawan broadcaster Fernando Batul []

Suspect in Palawan radioman’s murder nabbed in Crame
[]… often criticized Golipardo in his dyPR radio program for his “gun-toting” ways, Genio said…. Golipardo, assigned with the 402nd Palawan Provincial Regional Mobile Group, was implicated in several murder cases in Puerto Princesa City and was in danger of dismissal from the service before he was linked to the Batul murder,…
Cop held in Palawan radioman's slay
[] …The National Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday night a policeman is being held in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan as a possible suspect in the killing of radio commentator Fernando Batul.
NBI lawyer Reynaldo Esmeralda, director of a special task force created to hunt down Batul's killers, however, declined to name the suspect except that "[he] is a member of the PNP (Philippine National Police)."
Esmeralda told Insider that the suspect is being held at the NBI district office in Palawan as of posting time. He added NBI operatives will fly to the province Thursday morning to prepare documents and come up with a case against the suspect. : ABS-CBN …[]

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PCIJ Blog report: Palawan Bishop calls Batul Killing “Assualt… on Palaweno’s”
[ ] ….Palawan bishop condemns broadcaster’s killing
" May 24, 2006 at 4:09 pm · Posted by Vinia DatinguinooBISHOP Pedro Arigo, the Apostolic Vicar of Puerto Princesa, has condemned Monday’s killing of the city’s most popular radio broadcaster as “an assault on all peace loving Palaweños.” He called on authorities to swiftly bring the assailants to justice. …" [ ]
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Dong Batul investigation…
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
On the tragic Dong Batul killing in Palawan I was doing some research on the latest killing of a Journalist here in the Philippines and noted a lot of people had been linking to my post on Dong Batul. Read more »

Fernando ‘Dong’ Batul:Broadcaster killed by gunmen
I have been writing about this topic so much on my blog; now one of the victims is someone I know - Dong Batul was killed reports say at around six in the morning by motorcycle ridding gunmen in Puerto Princesa City.

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Philippine Death Squads: Government & Rebels both point fingers
It has many on the sidelines puzzled who is really behind the wave of killings hiting the Philippine countryside and cities. At present some groiups seeing the reports from UNHCR and others are pressing the US, EU, and Australia to stop military aid until the situation improves.
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REPORT:”Arrest in Palawan Broadcasters killing solves Batul case”:PNP

The quote above is from a lot of the headlines ciculating in the Tabloids I saw in the afternoon here in Manila all say the same screaming headline. ‘Cop caught case solved most in Tagalog afternoon newspapers quoting the statements from Palawan and camp crame… ‘

The alleged suspect a alleged ‘rogue poiliceman’ has been blamed for a number of other things in Palawan when he was assigned there. Two others still remain at large. The case being ’solved’ though? may be thats a little premature to declare as always other views seem to be out there - but - noting the universal outrage and anger it makes sence that one small group out of revenge could be the culprit, in Palawan this kind of violence is rare nowadays.

reports below:

[]… 10:52 AM » Suspect in Palawan journalist’s slay arrested…[]
[]… PNP: Suspect’s arrest solves Batul slay case
The Philippine National Police on Thursday said the murder of Palawan broadcaster Fernando Batul has been solved following the arrest of a policeman named primary suspect in the slay. (5/25/2006 2:47:47 PM) …[]

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