Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quiet time- lets hope...

A story caught my eye online - A man who planted a bomb was killed the Military says by his own device... It happened...
reports say;

On Jolo a alleged Abu Sayyaf member accidentally killed himself ; the Philippine Military says- As a IED he planted to work as landmine- failed to go off- triggered when he inspected it.

A powerful blast mangled his body to a point no one can ID him - in the small village in Maimbung town, Many in media have mistakenly called them - "land mines," But rather by function these are more or less IED's - improvised explosive devices.

Now reports say the device failed to explode as the man intended - when a military convoy passed - instead as he checked his device; It exploded.

Mmeanwhile all over the capital and unrelated to Tuesdays incident - Heightened security has been seen in the Capital of Metro Manila.

Its more for petty thieves than terror attacks - as the yearly "exodus" begins in earnest to the provinces for the Holy Week, Lenten Holiday- Wednesday, is the typical major day of travel.

About a little less than a thousand Police - some 800 officers and men have been assigned to guard bus stations.
Security has also been raised at sea and air ports, and to and from on Highways in the Capital.

Often in the past; this has been a time for incidents when one group of another chooses to try its best to disrupt the mostly quiet holiday where a city of 11 million goes down to five million in mater of days - and on Easter Monday returns to normal.

But - No red alert - this year has been issued; last year police and troops were on the highest level of alert. Hope nothing happens... I know for a Guy in my job... its a strange thing to hear but sometimes I just like a little quiet time too!

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