Saturday, April 15, 2006

Need Air Force? Call security Aviation...

I saw an interesting article on a company based in Alaska - which had planned to take the biz of security to new heights.

Fight planes and all- security aviation - a small start up company has set itself up as a "different choice ..." For small countries and those in need of Air Power.
It isn't the same time - the small air concept - for hire has been all over Africa for many years.
When former pilots and with old WW2 fighter lent out their services.
There is also in the infamous - Air America - in Vietnam and similar services leased out by various clandestine forces in the world to do the dirty work when using a nations own air force was - not practical.

Security aviation plans to offer services to UN for peacekeeping and patrol.
The fun part is the new plan they have- to base the jets in Clark or Subic in the Philippines as
"advanced fighters for lease to air forces"

The L39 - is training plane but can be fitted for combat close in air support and other air to ground operations.
In times of crisis- it often is not the air force type of aircraft present on or in a nations air space - but the mere presence of planes that often make the difference in border situation.

Russian made- the aircraft are quite largely used in many countries.

Crew: 2, Pilot & Student
Wing Span: 31 feet, .5 inches
Length: 40 feet, 5 inches
Maximum Weight: Pending Research
Performance: One 3,792-lb. thrust Walter Titan turbofan (Ivenko AI-25-TL built under Czech license by Motorlet).
Top Speed: Maximum Speed at 19,600 ft: 485 mph (Trainer version, clean). Maximum Speed at Sea Level: 435 mph
Range: 528 miles with internal fuel; 995 miles with external tanks
Ceiling: 37,730 feet
Rate of Climb: 4,330 ft/min; climb to 5,000 m--6 min.

If armed - this is the kit it can carry according to the Russian manufacturer.

Armament: Up to 2,425 pounds of weapons on four underwing hardpoints, including bombs, 57- or 130-mm rocket pods, gun pods, a five-camera reconnaissance pod, or two drop tanks. Centerline point carried a pod-mounted 23-mm twin-barrel GSh-23 cannon with 180 rounds.

It is that specific problem that faces the owners of security aviation - federal arms laws prevent private ownership of any weapon system that has a explosive device without proper permits. Obviously these kinds of systems Trail date is set for May - full artcle is here:

On the Anchcorage Daily News website:

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