Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It is Good Friday in a few days and as always - there are those who will try to literally take it upon themselves by acts of pain and suffering; some even will nail themselves to crosses - monitored by doctors and with ambulances standing by try to suffer as the savior did.

I cannot question the devotion or the motives or the reasons.

Some choose that path- so be it- other chose another form of penitance- they trek all
over this island nation of 7,700+ islands returning to the home town they came from and
make a journey that at each stage can be full of danger and problems and risks.

highway accidents already claimed 4 souls on Palm Sunday- the first day of the Holy Week another 64 were injured most in bus a that ran off the side of the road.
A fire also hit a ferry - But there no injuries reported.

In another incident a set of clashes between gov't forces and the armed groups of the left and extremist set also took place on in Zambo - another in - Ozamis.

The Military claimed victory in one attack - killing two terrorists of the Abu Sayyaf and nearly at the same time suffered a attack on the other side of Mindanao's Zamboanga peninsula - where 3 died in Sapang - Dalaga when a detachment was over-run by a large band of rebels who made off with most of the armoury's contents - about 20 assault rifles and a M60 machine gun! Quite a haul the Military tagged on the NPA.

A days before the traditional Lenten cease fire was discussed but both sides seem to have taken
a silent approach to that thought considering the recent state of things.

Yes - travel can be a penitance - but most travel ends and celebrations and reunions begin- which I am sure God understands- but take some time to remember that Jesus is the meaning of the season - His sacrifice and suffering for all mankind

- thank you Lord....

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