Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Pastoral letter...

Oh boy- and I thought it was going to be quiet Holy Week-----

" “Fake" and "deceptive" are words a bishop has used to describe a "people's initiative" to amend the Philippine Constitution, while the president of the bishops' conference called for vigilance."

On another website - you can find the full text to this story.

But in essence - Last April 9th, Palm Sunday, Bishop Vicente Navarra of Bacolod's "Statement of Concern and Opposition to the Signature Drive for the Fake People's Initiative to Amend the Constitution."

Read in the central Philippine diocese's 44 parishes during Masses that ushered in Holy Week....
meaning that over this period... the faithful will be looking into issues beyond penitance and redemption but also on the issues of what is going to be it seems a Noisy Passion play for the peoples support for an inniative that is is supposed to theirs?

I remember when I first started in this Biz a long time ago as a Broadcast Journalist - another Bishop and another set of pastoral letters that carried a message so strong it rocked this country and inspired many to join protests and seek change...

The problem is there have been so many pastoral letters... so many protests that the people themselves are confussed as to what to listen to? Or so it seems in the eyes of this humble blogger, critics and supporters allike all claim there seems to be a fatigue of the streets- a fatugue of decent.

In clinical terms - apathy - in streets terms most people just don't care- in tagalog - manhid na!

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